Open Source @ Pirate Baby

Open Source Software is at the core of modern software development, and keeping the OSS ecosystem healthy and vibrant is an important part of what we do. We are proud to be maintainers and contributors on a wide range of OSS projects.

Projects we maintain and/or contribute to:

  • Avatar of LangStory

    Create beautiful natural language user experiences.

  • Avatar of yoaquim

    zemi is a data-driven and reverse-routing library for Express JS.

  • Avatar of cpacker

    Create LLM agents with long-term memory and custom tools 📚🦙

  • Avatar of norton120

    An implementation template for a Kimball (dimensional) Data Warehouse

  • Avatar of Health-Union

    Cross-database support for dbt

  • Avatar of Health-Union

    SnowShu is a sampling engine designed to support testing in data development.

  • Avatar of IntegriChain1

    Parquet file management in S3 for Athena / Spectrum / Presto partitioning

  • Avatar of IntegriChain1

    Pandas DataFrame mocking library

  • Avatar of langfuse

    🪢 Langfuse Python SDK - Instrument your LLM app with decorators or low-level SDK and get detailed tracing/observability. Works with any LLM or framework

  • Avatar of palmetto

    Palm CLI - the tool-belt for data teams

  • Avatar of norton120

    a git plugin for palm-cli