So you want to comment on something we’ve posted? Sick. We’re glad you are here and eager to hear your thoughts. But before you jump in, let’s go over some ground rules to keep this place chill for everyone:

The Golden Rule of Commenting Be Cool Hunny Bunny

  1. Keep it Clean: Let’s keep things PG-13 rated. No need for anything obscene or inappropriate. Profanity is a spice, not a main ingredient.
  2. Stay on Topic: While we love a good tangent, let’s try to keep our comments related to the blog post. If you’ve got something totally different to chat about the world is full of places to share that.
  3. No Advertisements or Solicitation: Spam sucks. So, please, no sneaky advertisements or promotions. This space is for genuine conversations, not sales pitches. If you do it you’ll be assumed a bot (see rule 4).
  4. No Bots: Comments are for humans, full stop. If you bot, you will be banned.
  5. Respect is Key: The most important point of view to hear is one you don’t agree with. Be respecfully, disagree respecfully, or go away. No personal attacks, flame wars or any of that nonsense.
  6. Keep it Legal: Steer clear of anything shady or illegal. That means no sharing of pirated content, no threats, and definitely no illegal activities.
  7. No Trolling Zone: We’re all for a good joke, but trolling? Nah, not here. Let’s keep the trolling to a minimum and focus on meaningful discussions instead.

So, there you have it - follow these simple guidelines, and we’ll all have a great time hanging out in the comments section. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say!